Sunday, 15 July 2012

Zentangle with Perfect Pearls

Today I tried out my new Perfect Pearls Palette for the first time. I drew a zentangle ATC with a platypus, inspired by Aboriginal art – a stylised shape filled with pattern and surrounded by more pattern, but with zentangle.

I coloured it using my Inktense pencils, and then picked out certain elements with Perfect Pearls, using a water brush to pick up the colour from the palette.

For the platypus body, I used Kiwi, which is a dichroic colour, giving shades of green and brown. For the water weed I used Interference Green, and Mint, which actually look very similar on the pale blue background. I added some Perfect Gold around the frame.

Platypus with Perfect Pearls

As usual, the shimmer really doesn’t show up in the photo. I have attempted to show this with a detail shot, with the ATC held at an angle to the light:

Platypus with Perfect Pearls Detail

This shows it up slightly, but it really doesn’t do it justice. If you turn the ATC in the light, it really is quite shimmery. I didn’t put Perfect Pearls all over the surface but just picked out certain details, which adds one more element to my zentangle art.


  1. Hi Shoshi, love the platypus with the Perfect Pearls.The PP's look good just showung in patches, like light hitting the water. Cute.
    I found another Dress Form to decorate this week.I'm getting hooked on them.

  2. Hi Shoshi. I just love your platypus. You should keep him in view somewhere on your page. I'm glad you have found a use for your perfect pearls. It is quite frustrating when a photo won't do your work justice, but I can imagine how lovely it looks in real life. Kate x

  3. I love the Platypus! Lovely drawing & colouring as ever - I think the Perfect Pearls look stunning.

    I thought of you when I saw this article on altering vinyl on Team KNK x

  4. Hi Shoshi, what a gorgeous little Platypus - he is so cute - I love the patterning on his back. I have a thing about tortoises and turtles - I love the designs and patterns on their shells - your platypus is perfect! I love the shimmer - you can certainly see it clearly in the second photo.
    I have sent you an email about the ATC - thank you so much - it doesn't look like the first email I sent got to you, so I hope you get this one ok.
    Diana x

  5. Hi Shoshi, this is great :0) I can definitely see shimmer in the blue and the platypus looks 3D. Hard to believe it's as small as an ATC you've added so much detail! So clever!! :0)


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