Monday, 23 July 2012

More from the Flower Factory

I’ve done a few more flower and leaf pieces today. These were cut a little while ago, not from watercolour paper, but from some white card with a slight texture to it – this cut quite well, but it isn’t as absorbent as watercolour paper so the colours aren’t quite as intense when sprayed with the Dylusions Inks, until I spritz them well with water and smoosh them in the stray ink on my craft sheet.

I sprayed two lots today – quite a large quantity of hibiscus flower pieces in two sizes, and one large rose, with a mixture of blue, turquoise, purple and pink sprays, and leaves in two sizes – lots of small ones for the hibiscus flowers, and some large ones for the large roses.

Here are the flower pieces. As with the smaller roses, the larger ones consist of five separate pieces and one leaf piece. I have cut these with more ragged edges to give a slightly different effect – they are adapted from Penny Duncan’s Rose Design, to look more like what she calls her Grungey Rose. The smaller pieces are the hibiscus flowers. I have got two more sets of rose pieces which I shall spray with another colour.

Here are the leaf pieces for each type of flower. The hibiscus leaves are cut as three separate leaves for each flower, which makes more work than the leaves that are cut as a single piece (like the large rose leaves at the top) – I may adapt the svg file along these lines to save work in the future.

As before, these flower and leaf pieces will be hand embossed before assembly.

Here are the background sheets created from these pieces. First the flower one. In this first picture you can see the flower pieces to the side, and my increasing circles stencil laid on top of the background in preparation for sponging away some of the ink.

The finished background piece, with some more of the purple ink added; I also laid down the large rose pieces to enable them to pick up a bit more ink, and after spritzing, I sponged the background again around these flowers so that I could get a bit more of the masking effect.

I luuuurve these colours!

Now for the leaf background. You will remember from my earlier post that I wasn’t very happy with the leafy backgrounds I created at that time:

I took the larger one and used it for spraying my latest leaf pieces, and liked it a lot better afterwards! This time I didn’t use any green ink at all, but sprayed first with blue, and then with yellow, which gave a gorgeous rich green.

I’m much happier with this!

One of my friends on the Black Cat cutting machine forum suggested I combine the flower making with the faux porcelain, and create some porcelain flowers! I think this is a brilliant idea, so I’m going to have a go (thanks, Gaz!). The roses are a non-starter, though, because of the way they are constructed, but some flatter, single-piece flowers would work well, I think – and maybe I could layer them. I’ll be cutting some new pieces for this, and for more coloured ones, too – and I may combine colour with clear UTEE to give a glazed effect… So many different things to try!


  1. Shoshi, these flower colours are gorgeous! I must try out that faux porcelain technique some time.I have been making flowers too..they look like sweeties!

  2. Beautiful as usual! Can see you are going to produce some great work with these flowers! Her's to flower power!

  3. I am loving the colours of those inks. Another item for my wish list! Kate x

  4. Hi Shoshi, I think the colours are beautiful, once again, love them. You should try the faux porcelain on your roses too. Tim Holtz tag either May or June (can't remember) used the technique on teeny tiny roses and worked really well. If you have time, look at his tutorial (if you have not already!). I don't have a Melt Pot but I melted UTEE in a tin foil custard tart dish and just dipped mine in - might be worth a try. Crafty hugs, Anne x

  5. Wow, they look great! I can't believe you didn't spray those with green, that's blue and yellow, made an amazing color! The smallest flowers look like those tiny Prima flowers from years ago, remember those? Yours are much more fun though :)

  6. What a great idea! You get great hand dyed flower petal and leaves, as well as a great backgrounds all at once. I'd like to see what you make with them. Thanks for sharing. Blessings!

  7. Hello!

    The colors are beautiful! The flowers are going to be awesome! Wishing you a happy day!


    Barbara Diane

  8. Oh I do LOVE that green!! Very yummy to me, lol. I like all colours but green is my favourite and more so if it's vibrant like yours. The faux porcelain thingy sounds very technical, it's like a foreign language to me, lol. Hope you've had a good day :0) x

  9. I haven't got a green one yet. I love the flowers you made. I have used different sprays but Dyan's are the best yet. The colours are so rich and vibrant. I hope you show us what you make with your leaves and flowers.


  10. I've come to you via 'Fuzzy's' blog and I'm so glad I took the time to visit! I adore your flower making - I don't make the 'rose' type flowers but make a number of other types and I really think your pieces here made with the dylusion sprays are wonderful. Those sprays give such amazing results don't they? I haven't tried them on watercolour paper yet but having seen what you've done, I intend to have a go.
    I love what you've done here and have joined as a follower so I can return to see more. Thank you for the inspiration.

  11. hi shoshi, finally got to a computer! love the colours of these inks and what you have been doing with them. Have you signed up for the joggles newsletter? I buy from them as they have such a good range and every Wednesday (Thursday here) Barbara does a video on a different product and or technique which are great.


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