Thursday, 19 July 2012

Another Blog Award!

I’d like to thank Lisa, one of my loyal and much appreciated followers, for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award! I’m thrilled that you have chosen me, Lisa – I often think my blog is a bit of a mish-mash – a bit of this, and a bit of that – but “Versatile” is much nicer lol! Hop over to Lisa’s blog and see what she gets up to!

(Pretty, isn’t it.)


In order to qualify, there’s a list of things I need to do:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated me - check!
  2. Include a link to their site in the post - check!
  3. Include the above award image in this post - check!
  4. Give 7 random facts about myself - check!
  5. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award - check!
  6. When nominating include a link to their site - check!
  7. Let other bloggers know they have been nominated - and check!

So – 7 random facts about Shoshi. (Not in order of preference!)

  1. Cat lover.
  2. Married to my lovely hubby for 26 years.
  3. Chocaholic.
  4. Love being creative.
  5. My favourite colour is maroon.
  6. I love sunflowers.
  7. I love platypuses.

Now for 15 nominees – people I think are versatile enough to be awarded a versatility award! All these Blogland friends have inspired me in one way or another, and by nominating them, I am expressing my thanks to them, and my appreciation. Again, these are not in any special order.

  1. Cyndi:
  2. Neet:
  3. Lynette:
  4. Laura: 
  5. Margaret:
  6. Ann:
  7. Neil:
  8. Penny:
  9. Jennie:
  10. Judy:
  11. Fuzzie Fingers:
  12. Christie:
  13. Diana:
  14. Carolyn (Phillips):
  15. Carolyn (Saxby):

There are so many more that I could have nominated! It was hard to choose. So if you’re not on the list, please don’t be offended! All my followers, and those who so kindly comment regularly on my blog, are valued and appreciated just as much.

I encourage anyone reading this to visit the people listed above. If you do not already know them, I think you will be amazed at their talent, their generosity in sharing, and their versatility!


  1. Hi Shoshi, I really appreciate you nominating me for this award. Thank you so much for thinking of me. But I would love it if you would give my place to someone else you feel deserves it.
    I have only been blogging for a relatively short time and only have a handful of dedicated followers who comment on my blog regularly and yourself and Diana Taylor are among them so I do not have 15 bloggers that I would feel comfortable in nominating. Thank you for those lovely comments you have left on my blog they have given me a great boost.

  2. Hi Shoshi, I just tried to leave a comment but it wouldn't let me - it said 'page unavailable' so I shall do this again, but apologies if you receive it twice!
    Thank you so much for nominating me - it's very kind of you to think of me - I have made a list but some of the people on it have buttons on their blog to say they don't do awards so I shall be struggling a bit with the full 15 - I'll have a go however!
    Once again thank you, and I truly appreciate your regular visits and kind comments on my blog.
    Diana x

  3. Hi Shoshi, thanks very much, it's an honor! You have loads of good ideas and I'm looking forward to exploring your past posts. I'm admiring the flowers and leaves you made in the previous post.

  4. What a wonderful surprise Shoshi and thank you for nominating me. I am so overcome by this award and am still trying to take it in. Love the idea of my blog being a "versatile" one.

    I will certainly take the award you have so kindly offered me and think of others to whom I can pass it on to. Would also like to say that you have a wonderful blog yourself, versatile in its content and you are so very very talented which makes your passing on to me so amazing.

    Thank You
    Hugs, Neet xx

  5. Well done Shoshi on being nominated! It is a lovely award to receive, I was sooo very excited when I got mine - great feeling. Enjoy it! Crafty hugs, Anne x

  6. Hi Shoshi, I am new to your blog. while blog hopping I found yours. You have a wonderful blog and I want to congratulate you on your award. I am your newest follower, Hugs and God bless.

  7. Congrats, Shoshi! I enjoy visiting your blog each day and reading what you've been up to. Your blog certainly is "versatile!" Thanks so much for passing the award on to me, too!! Sorry that I don't usually continue on the awards, but I will surely make mention of it! Thanks again.

  8. I enjoyed reading your blog post. It has been a few weeks now I also received the versatile blogger award.

  9. I loved reading the blog post. It was a few weeks now I additionally received the versatile blogger prize.



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