Tuesday, 24 July 2012


I can’t believe another week has gone by… This past week I’m patting myself on the back, because I visited every desk… Never done that before, and never will again probably! (This is to try to make up for my extremely poor record of desk visiting of late…) (To find what this is all about, visit Julia’s blog – click on the WOYWW link in my sidebar.)

This week there’s a completely unadulterated desk, i.e. not arranged at all, just as is. Which is what I think we are supposed to do – but sometimes I’ve been guilty of putting things out for you to see so you knew what I was up to during the week lol!

It’s such a tip that I thought I’d give you another photo – annotated!

Happy WOYWW everybody, and many thanks to everyone who came and visited my blog last week. Very much appreciated!


  1. I love this desk Shoshi! It looks busy and productive. Those arrows look imperessive!!Can you tell us how you did that?
    I'm afraid I can't visit every site every week.

  2. I have dead tea cups too...love useful boxes, they are sooo useful. I couldn't get round people last week, I wasn't home much but I did quite a few. Hoping to do a few more this week! Great crafty mess you have there! Thanks for my snoop!! Happy WOYWW
    no number yet!

  3. OK, forst, we need to pat each other on the back, as last week was MY very first time also to visit every blog! lol Secondly, aren't you the smart cookie with your annotated photo!waving hi, waiting for Julia to post, from the hills of North Carolina :)

  4. That is such a fabulous idea Shoshi to anotate everything - very clever of you to do that - I can just about take a photo, never mind all that clever stuff! Happy WOYWW, Anne x #21

    Only managed everyone a couple of times - too many now.......

  5. Looks nice and lived in, just how I like a desk. I know what you mean about visiting all the desks, well done you for managing them all last week. Francesca #54

  6. Sorry I'm #53 not 54 Francesca

  7. I don't use gloves, but I do have a few victims of my own I must confess!! Am of course not scoffing so much as really? Used kitchen roll? I know I know, but really..you got nothing else to do? And I know that's not true!
    Will be sending bikes, I promise..please bear with me!!

  8. Annotated makes it look really busy and messy I like it the other way just creative. You do have a lot going on. Thanks for sharing.

    Eliza #16

  9. Wow what a small space for Shoshi's feet lol.
    Fabby lot of stuff on your desk to ogle.
    Have a happy week crafting.
    Elaine #10

  10. Love the annotated picture, how funny!

    ** Kate ** @58

  11. Now you've put us all to shame, Shoshi. Well done on all the desks. I've never even come close and I
    Love all the notes on your desk. Had a real laugh at the serial killer!!!
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #67

  12. Still giggling at your comments around the photo. Love the serial killer bit but have to ask about the used paper towel. I use mine to mop up icky messes and wouldn't want to use them again, what's on yours? I have just visited Lunch Lady Jans blog and saw your beautiful ATC and tag, you are so clever, they are amazing.
    Have a great week.
    Von #48

  13. Hi Shoshi - great idea to annotate your photo! Thanks for the guided tour. Love the serial killers hand! Could also be a cows udder I think! Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 39

  14. Gotta love the annotated photo! Hilarious!

    Have a happy Wednesday!

    Zildara #88

  15. What a great desk, and I love how you've labelled everything for us, especially the small space for your feet!!! Have a great week, Helen 6

  16. What a busy desk! Good job you explained about the 'dead' hand, I would have been worried otherwise, lol ;)
    Untidy wise, it actually looks a lot like my kitchen table with, my laptop, papers ready for cutting for cards, scissors, wee man's toy buses and magazines, my Graze boxes full of crafty things, my sandwich that I'm eating just now and a bottle of water.
    Enjoy the rest of your day :0)

  17. fab idea to label the photo,you made me laugh with your serial murder victims......lol
    well done on getting around everyone,have only managed that once :)
    happy woyww
    kay #35

  18. I love the caddy on the revolving base! Make that unitasker circle-cutter into a multitasker lazy susanthingy! Looks like a great workspace, thanks for sharing!

  19. Your desk is not too bad. Mine often looks like that. At least there are lots of interesting things going on. It is better than my empty desk that makes me look like a right lazy lady! Kate #52 xx

  20. Wow! You visited everyone's Wednesday post. Awesome. Have never done that. I doubt I ever will. Ha, ha. I'm late in paying return visits. Love your detailed explanation photo of what's going on at your desk. Busy place! :) Oh and thanks for stopping by my blog!
    sandy's crafty creations

  21. Congrats on visiting all of the blogs! That can't have been easy!
    I love the diagram of your work space :)
    Mary Jo #96

  22. Hehe! Didn't realise you were such a prolific killer!!
    Have a good week,

  23. Thanks for the annotated photo! I just love that when people do it. I don't have the photo shopping skills to do it myself. I'm glad you identified your latest victim of your serial spree.... I mean, your gloves. Actually I didn't even notice them until you pointed them out.

  24. That's one busy desk, thanks for the description. I had to look twice when it said 'serial killer' lol!

    Happy WOYWW and well done on visiting ever desk last week, that must of taken some doing.

    Mikes Gal #64

  25. Lol - I love the annotations!!! I'd have to have a large space for my enormous feet!
    I featured your gorgeous ATC and tag today :D I still love 'em!
    Hugs, LLJ #28 xx

  26. Glad to see someone else's desk with (almost) as much stuff on as mine

    Janet (2pDesigns #139)

  27. Look at you, showing off your great computer skills with the tags all around the square, complete with arrows!! Now you did to give us a tutorial next week on how you did that!!

    Have a great week! Darnell #116

  28. Love your photo it is brilliant and thanks for the tip on mixing the colours of sprays. Obvious but I never thought about it. Duh
    Is the Cougar a stand alone cutter?
    Happy WOYWW

  29. I'm impressed!! Every single desk - it must be a record. What did you find? What inspired you most? I wish I had more time to visit many more as people are so talented it's amazing what you find.
    Happy crafting will catch up next week
    Julie (paperpathway)

  30. Haha. Your annotated picture cracks me ups. Certainly a lot more going on than I first thought! Gives a great backstory! LOL


  31. Wow! You hit every single desk last week?! That's amazing! I'm lucky just to respond to those who visit mine! Although I plan to see them all one of these days!

    I absolutely LOVE your annotated picture!!!!! It was informative and hilarious!

    Amy E. #14

  32. Hi Shoshi,
    Your annotated photo is a gem. Mind you, I'm watching my p's and q's with all those dead things over on the right hand side. I've been thinking about what to use the gloriously coloured kitchen towel for - will be interested to share with you about that.
    Clearly, I must have a more detailed look around your lovely blog which I'll do with much pleasure. You've cracked it with a total look-around last week. I think I've managed it once too, but have decided to pop in to people I've come to know, then every fifth person. That way I meet different people over a number of weeks. I quite like spreading it out. Love to get 'late' comments - rather they are lovely surprises.
    Hope the weather holds for the Olympics.
    Ros #19

  33. Well now you're just showing off Shoshi...visiting EVERY desk AND annotations!!!
    You're so clever I wouldn't have a clue how to do that and I have tried to visit every desk (in fact I try every week but always fail)
    I think I natter too much ;D
    Story of my life really!!!
    You've been really busy by the look of that desk...having lots of fun hopefully.
    Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting me earlier.
    Neesie #20

  34. Hi Shosh, Wow! I don't take part in WOYWW but I have seen peoples desk and I do think a lot of them are staged, as you say, to illustrate what they are up to. It's nice to see one in it's 'raw' state as it where. Loved all the little notes detailing everything, especially the one for the tiny space for your feet. You have really gone to town with your Dylusions They look great fun to use and you have got great results.

  35. happy WOYWW! great idea, the annotated picture! and so amusing! congratulations on visiting everyone! i have done that only once and yes, it was to make up for not visiting. thank you for sharing!
    peggy aplSEEDS

  36. Love the anotated piccy - how do you do that?
    Internet seems to have been fixed by BT but not holding breath.
    Thanks for stopping by BJ#155

  37. Thanks for visiting and the info on the cougar. I will look into that now.
    Have a great day

  38. Love that labelled photo - gosh you are clever, I cannot do anything like that. Thanks for sharing.
    Thought I had visited you earlier but no, guess I saw so many of your lovely zentangle atc's that your name stuck and that is what led me to believe I had commented.
    Glad I came along.
    Take care
    Hugs, Neet xx 8

  39. You are too funny, Shoshi! Love the latex glove comments - have to admit I zero'd in on the dangling fingers before reading the annotated version and wondered what you are up to.... Thanks for your visit. I'm amazed that you made it to all the desks. I swear I'm due for one do those exercises too, since I've been rubbish at visiting.

    Susan #100


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